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Residential Aged Care

This comprehensive 2 day workshop will see you develop a thorough understanding of residential aged care through case based facilitator lead examples, individual calculations and group discussions.


Retirement Communities

This facilitator lead, case study based workshop examines the varying rules and regulations of retirement communities, the legal considerations and the financial impacts including pension entitlements and rent assistance as well as the cost and ability to access care now and in the future.

Granny Flats

This comprehensive workshop examines the different forms of granny flat arrangements, legal considerations, financial impacts including pension entitlements, cost of care, rent assistance and other benefits and uses case studies to examine strategies financial advisers can consider.

Home Care

This workshop examines the different care services available to people outside residential aged care, together with the different fees and charges and means testing arrangements applicable to the various programs. This is a case study based, interactive workshop for people wanting to understand the options and financial arrangements for accessing Home Care.

Admin & Client Support: Introduction to Age Pension & Aged Care

This course is designed to educate administrators and customer service officers working with financial planners or aged care professionals. This is a foundation course designed to arm support staff with an appropriate level of knowledge and understanding about social security payments and aged care means assessment.  Please note this is not as comprehensive or detailed as those workshops that are a part of the Retirement Living and Aged Care Specialist Designation

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The Retirement Living and Aged Care Specialist designation recognises advisers who have the skills, knowledge and tools to deliver quality advice on retirement living and aged care.

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Couples, Care and considerations - Understanding Aged Care

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ACG Advice Builder™ — Part 1 — Building a valuable Aged Care solution

ACG Advice Builder™ — Part 2 — Downsizing and Aged Care advice

Understanding the downsizing decisions your older clients need to make

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The role of the financial adviser and the rising concerns of elder abuse

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ACG Advice Builder™ — Part 3

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